About Me

About Me

Seriously, I don't believe that one day people will be interested to know who is Zohaib Jahan. But it happened. I hope you will not get bored. 😁

About ZohaibJahan Blog

ZohaibJahan Blog was founded in June 2013. The idea was to share Softwares and Engineering stuff. But things kept on changing.

I deleted all old Posts that I created between 2013 to 2017 even though I started earning online. I could not update the site until May 2020 because of my full-time job.

I will share professional portfolio and personal experiences now onwards.

Who is Zohaib Jahan

I'm a Pakistani, an Engineer, a Blogger, a Freelancer and of course a husband. I am Zohaib Jahan.

I am active online internet user since 2008. I started Blogging in 2012 and freelancing in 2014. I graduated in BSc Electronic Engineering and joined Spec company in 2014 as an Automation Engineer.

Current, I am assigned to the Nigerian oil and gas plant.

Zohaib Jahan at SPEC Office Lahore
Zohaib Jahan at SPEC Office Lahore

Apart from blogging and professional life, I love to play Badminton and Table Tennis.

Copyrights at ZohaibJahan Blog

All content shared on this blog are the property of ZohaibJahan Blog. No one is allowed to copy, modify or share a post even a single picture anywhere else without my consent.

If the data of any post of this blog is found on any other site or blog, strict action will be taken against that person. Similarly, if you find content/ picture or anything that belongs to you and it violates your copyrights please do contact me! I will surely address your concerns on the spot!

Advice by Zohaib Jahan

I believe in moving forward and building success together. Do little but do now and keep sharing your experiences with others to help and grow the community.

Start now with whatever you have!