About Me

About Me

So finally you lander to know who is behind ZohaibJahan Blog?

Seriously, I don't believe that one day people will be interested to know about me as a Blogger! But It happened!

So today I will introduce you to myself as an Engineer as well as a Blogger at ZohaibJahan and TheBestFindings Blog!

Introduction to Zohaib Jahan Blog

ZohaibJahan Blog was founded on September, 2013. The aim of the Blog is to share free PDF Books of Engineering books and Medical Books etc. 

Plus I love to share to high quality content related to SEO/Blogging/Computer Tricks in Urdu and discovering new ways of Online Earning. 

I am determined to get to be at 0-1000 visitors/month and good Alexa Rank in Pakistan at the end of 2016. 

I will do this with your prayers and support!

Copyrights at Zohaib Jahan Blog

All content shared on this blog are the property of ZohaibJahan Blog Itself. None is allowed to copy, modify or share a post even a single picture anywhere else.

If the data of any post of this blog is found on any other site or blog, strict action will be taken against that person.

Similarly, if find Content/Picture or anything that belongs to you and it violates your copyrights please do contact me! I will surely address your concerns on the spot!

Some words about myself , Zohaib Jahan

As the name of the blog shows that Zohaib Jahan is an individual behind the that blog.

I am active online internet user since 2010. I become motivated towards Blogging in the mid of 2013. I am interested to know secrets of "Online earning" by Googling and exploring other successful blogs blah blah.

Zohaib Jahan at SPEC Office Lahore
Zohaib Jahan at SPEC Office Lahore

I thought I should share these secrets to help other earning online users because many Newbie Bloggers get confused and deceived online.

I am also interested to share every single tip related to SEO and Blogging on The Best Findings whatever I learn with my experience.

Taking snaps of natural beauty, man made buildings, listening FM, watching talk shows on currents affairs are also my hobbies.

I did my BSc Electronics Engineering from UET Taxila (University of Engineering and Technology) in 2014 and now I am doing full time job as Automation Engineer in Oil and Gas Sector.

Apart Blogging and Professional life, I love to play Badminton and Football. I actively participated in sports gala held in Engineering University.

Zohaib Jahan at Farewell Party 2014

Advice for newbies by Zohaib Jahan

Start now with what you have!

Do little but do now and keep sharing your experiences with others! Help online community with some useful and informative stuff they are looking are!
Never ever spam others!

Zohaib Jahan Favorite Quotation

Keep Moving Forward!
Winners never quit, and Quitters never win!

I wish you good luck to your online startup! Keep it up!


  1. you are engineer? wah

  2. mind blowing facts about you....
    you do job as an engineer or full time blogging?


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