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Today I’m going to share with you Engineering book titled as Science and Technical Writing by Philip Rubens, A Manual Style of Life (2nd edition PDF).Science and Technical Writing by Philip Rubens

In this book, it is emphasized on different aspects of communication that seem more germane to contemporary interests.

The balance between discussions of text and nontextual elements in the first edition has been maintained, although expanded in useful ways.

The balance between discussions of text and non-textual elements in the first edition has been maintained in Science and Technical Writing, although expanded in useful ways.

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Overview of Science and Technical Writing by Philip Rubens

There are 12 chapters from Audience Analysis and Document Planning to Designing Useful Documents in the Science and Technical Writing book by Philip Rubens (General Editor).

  1. Audience Analysis and Document Planning
    • Analyzing an Audience
    • Analyzing the Information
    • Determining the Appropriate Medium
    • Planning a Document’s Content
  2. Writing for Non-native Audiences
    • Minimum Word Strategy
    • Controlled English
    • Global English
  3. Grammar, Usage and Revising for Publication
    • Grammar Basics
    • Common Problems in Grammar, Style, and Usage
    • Revision Strategies
  4. Punctuating Scientific and Technical Pros
    • Punctuation of Common Sentence Structures
    • Comma
    • Semicolon
    • Colon
    • Dash
    • Period
    • Question Mark
    • Exclamation Point
    • Hyphen
    • Slash
    • Apostrophe
    • Quotation Marks
    • Parenthesis
    • Brackets
    • Iconic Characters
    • Punctuating Equations
  5. Using Acceptable Spelling
    • Good Spelling Practice
    • Plurals
    • Proper Names, Possessives, and Abbreviated Terms
    • Compound Words and Hyphenation
    • Word Division
    • Suffixes
    • Capitalization
    • Troublesome Words
  6. Incorporating Specialized Terminology
    • Abbreviations as Professional Shorthand
    • Organization Names
    • Military Terminology
    • Health and Medical Terms
    • Scientific Terms and Symbols
    • Technology Terms
  7. Using Numbers and Symbols
    • Using Numerals
    • Writing Fractions and Large Numbers
    • Using Words to Express Numbers
    • Using Hyphens with Numbers
    • Scientific Notation Using
    • Comparing Powers of Ten
    • Numbers in Tables and Graphs
    • Reporting Significant Digits
    • Units of Measurement
    • Choosing Appropriate Symbols
    • Mathematical Typography
    • Handling Mathematical Expressions
  8. Using Quotation, Citations and References
    • Legal Guidelines
    • Quotations
    • Citations, Notes, and References
  9. Creating Indexes
    • Key Indexing Terms
    • Need for Indexes in Technical Material
    • The Goals of a Good Index
    • Planning an Index
    • Filing Index Entries
    • Index Format and Design
    • Indexing Procedure
  10. How to Create Non-Textual Information
    • Electronically Acquiring, Processing, and Printing or Displaying Illustrations
    • Selecting Illustrations
    • Preparing Illustrations for Foreign Audiences
    • Constructing Illustrations
    • Special Considerations for Producing Illustrations
  11. Creating Usable Data Displays
    • What Are Data Displays: Tables, Charts, and Diagrams?
    • Characteristics of Data Displays
    • Using Technology to Create Data Displays
    • Tables
    • Charts
    • Diagrams
  12. Designing Useful Documents
    • Designing a Document’s Format
    • Using Technology to Support Document Design
    • Designing the Page and Screen
    • Page and Screen Elements
    • Page and Screen Grids
    • Designing Specific Information Types
    • Controlling Large Document Sets
    • Graphic Production Considerations


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Final Thoughts on Science and Technical Writing PDF Book

Actual Lines taken From Book; Book employs a number of techniques to help readers locate information.

First, chapter topical summaries, which offer references to appropriate subsections, appear near the beginning of each chapter. Depending on the topic’s complexity, many of these subsections have their own reference sections.

Chapter 4: “Punctuating Scientific and Technical Prose” illustrates the usefulness of this technique. 2nd, the text provides internal cross-referencing to similar or supporting topics. 3rd, the table of contents offers a more direct link to topics by providing only topical page changes, and the index has been expanded. 4th, more descriptive headers and footers provide improved location and searching information.


Science and Technical Writing by Philip Rubens is one of the popular engineering books. It has been recognized the importance of new techniques and technologies.

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