Artificial Intelligence PDF Free Download (3rd edition) by Nair

To use Artificial Intelligence PDF book, one should have some background in both Computer Science and Mathematics.

Artificial Intelligence PDF free download (3rd edition)Artificial Intelligence PDF 3rd edition book by Elaine Rich, Kevin Knight and Shivashankar B Nair is being taught in several engineering universities around the world.

The ultimate goal of this Artificial Intelligence PDF book (by Knight) is the construction of programs that solve hard problems. Most programs of AI are written in LISP, PROLOG or some specialized AI shell.

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Overview of Artificial Intelligence by Rich, Knight and Nair

The artificial intelligence PDF Book is divided in to 3 parts and there are total 19 chapters from What is Artificial Intelligence to Common Sense.

Part-1: Problems and Intelligence

1. What is Artificial Intelligence
2. Problems, Problems Spaces and Search
3. Heuristic Search Techniques

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Part-2: Knowledge Representation

4. Knowledge Representation Issues
5. Using Predicate Logic
6. Representing Knowledge using Rules
7. Symbolic Reasoning under Uncertainty
8. Statistic Reasoning
9. Weak Slot and Filler Structures
10. Strong Slot and Filler Structures
11. Knowledge Representation Summary

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Part-3: Advanced Topics

12. Game Paying
13. Planning
14. Understanding
15. Natural Language Processing
16. Parallel and Distributed AI
17. Learning
18. Connected Models
19. Common Sense

Free download Artificial Intelligence PDF 3rd Edition by Rich, Knight and Nair

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Final thoughts on Artificial Intelligence PDF book

I studied Artificial Intelligence (PDF) book in my 8th semester of Electronics Engineering in Artificial Intelligence course at University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Taxila Pakistan.

I hope you’ll also be enjoying by reading Artificial Intelligence PDF book.

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You can ask me for the engineering PDF books you need if already not uploaded on Blog. It’ll be an honor to respond to your queries. Keep visiting the blog for more free PDF books.

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